matthieu marseille

matthieu marseille

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Username * moujot
Country * France
City montpellier
Nationality french


Availability: Freelance


I've been a self-taught CG artist for about 8 years, started by founding a company, doing web design, then shifted towards illustration, video and 3d editing over the years.
Throughout the years i have also done a lot of media integration, and once had a job as a technical director.
I am currently working as independant author in a multimedia company, (, got there to work on an in-house video game project ("Profusion"), and now working mostly on contract-based web sites and applications for cultural manifestations and institutions.
Primary skills are web-based, with strong knowledge of flash, vector and pixel editing, and i've been developping my 3d modeling and texturing skills for a few years, using 3ds Max, as well as some video editing skills using Premiere, After-Effects and Combustion. I've also been learning some real-time interactive tools like Virtools.